Danny Jones on Mcbusted Vodcast -  Part One  


Danny’s Wedding Spam: the best men!

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Danny & Georgia wedding x

'It completely changes your life in the most amazing way. All of the clichés you hear when you’re about to become a parent are true. I experienced becoming a dad two and a half weeks before going on the biggest tour of my life so it was a crazy, crazy time.’ - Tom Fletcher.

"When I saw Georgia, I couldn’t really take it, my legs shook. It was the most amazing view I’ve ever seen.

Dougie Poynter at One Direction’s concert.

Danny had arranged a five-course meal and had the engagement ring hidden under the table. He asked Georgia when she wanted to get married. She replied, "Well, when you bloomin’ propose." , And then he said "What about if I do it now?" With that, she put her head in her hands, started bawling and when she looked up he was down on one knee in front of her, with tears billowing out of his eyes, and said, "Will you be my future Mrs. Jones?".